Relevant Skills

Communication Skills

  • Conveyed complex topics to both expert and non-expert audiences ranging from small groups to groups of up to 300 people; invited to present at international conferences; earned several top prizes for effectively communicating my findings.
  • Written up scientific findings for publication in several peer-reviewed scientific journals; written up and defended my graduate thesis.
  • Negotiated permission from my employer to work on an independent project during regular working hours; negotiated for funding (total of > $47,000)
  • Learned to communicate with people across a wide range of roles, ranging from my employees and clients as an entrepreneur to my trainees, peers and supervisors as a scientist

Business Awareness

  • As a founder of a small business during my undergraudate studies I sought out clients, maintained client relationships, recruited employees, designed and implemented marketing strategies, and managed sales and accounting, thus gaining insights into several key aspects of business organisation.
  • Participated in several selective workshops by McKinsey & Company, one of the top business consulting companies, focused on problem-solving strategies for large businesses.

Intellectual Curiosity

  • As a postdoctoral fellow I continuously carved out the time to attend seminars outside of my field of research.
  • One of these seminars sparked my interest in a recently discovered protein which I researched in my free time, developed into a project and presented my findings at a scientific conference generating interest of my peers and resulting in further collaborative work.

Analytical & Statistics Skills

  • During my academic career I located and assimilated new information rapidly, synthesized complex information; designed scientific experiments to test hypotheses; collected and analysed data using appropriate statistical methods (t-tests, linear regression, ANOVA; SPSS software); encountered and solved problems; reached independent conclusions, presented and defended them.

Programming & Data Science Skills

  • Created several websites using HTML, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript and jQuery.
    • A mobile-optimised website for the feature film Hold Me (2016) with an integrated VHX-supported check-out system, Google Analytics, MailChimp and social media.
    • A mobile-optimised and interactive website for a Canadian artist, Teace Snyder, at Original Cliché Entertainment with Google Analytics, social media and other features.
    • See my Portfolio for more examples!
  • Investigated trends in Icelandic accidents and immigration to the Czech Reublic using pandas, NumPy, SciPy, matplotlib, seaborn and Tableau and published them using IPython Notebook on GitHub.
  • Created and designed interactive web applications written in python, using the Flask framework, and deployed to Heroku.
  • Taught myself basics of python, SQL, and Windows and Unix command line.
    • I wrote a script (using urllib and Beautiful Soup) to download article titles by an author’s name from a major scientific database and modified a script which uses Markov chain to generate random titles for another of my projects.
    • I've also written a couple of simple scripts. Comparing Version 1 and Version 2 lets you see my progress; functions in the latter are going in the right direction of modularity and hence reusability.
    • Do you want to ship books? Is is discounted? Do you want to ship the first x number of books for $xx.xx and the next y number of books for $yy.yy? The Total Price Calculator will tell you how much it will cost you.
  • See my Portfolio for more details!

Programming & Data Science Tools

Worked with:

  • HTML
  • CSS/ Bootstrap
  • JavaScript/ jQuery
  • Python
  • Unix/ Windows cmd
  • pandas
  • NumPy
  • SciPy
  • matplotlib
  • seaborn
  • Tableau
  • IPython Notebook
  • Beautiful Soup
  • Flask
  • Heroku

Relevant Courses


Make a Website

Make an Interactive Website

Learn the Command Line



Learn SQL

Codecademy, 2017


Code School, 2017

Work Experience



Original Cliché Entertainment Inc.

August 2016 - Present

Developed and maintained a website with a responsive web design and a full cross-browser compatibility for a narrative film Hold Me. The design included social meta tags for Twitter, Google+ and Facebook as well as Google Analytics tracking, MailChimp and a VHX-powered payment system.

Organised a global outreach campaign. Managed social media advertising campaigns.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada

August 2014 - July 2016

My postdoctoral work focused on the role of the brain in cancer-related wasting (characterised by appetite, fat and muscle loss) which occurs in most and kills 30% of cancer patients.

I found that presence of the tumor coincides with dramatic changes in brain cells, which regulate appetite and influence fat and muscle. Therefore, these cells appear to be promising candidates for further investigation of the still unclear mechanism of cancer-related wasting.



2007 - 2008

During undergraduate studies set up a business to provide service to London City clients (such as CNN).


Doctor of Philosophy in Neuroscience

University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

2010 - 2014

My graduate work focused on how the brain controls our appetites. I found that a combination of two agents is synergistically more effective in appetite reduction than each one on their own. This could potentially allow either (1) for reduced severity and/or number of side effects of a certain (serotonin-based) class of obesity drugs if the current doses were used or (2) for greater efficacy using higher doses.

These findings were published in a scientific journal and I was invited to present them at several local and international conferences where they generated a lot of interest from pharmacological companies.

I contributed to projects published in several other scientific journals, won funding of over ~ 40,700 USD and several top presentation prizes.

Master of Philosophy in Clinical Biochemistry

University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

2009 - 2010

Among other projects, I helped to ellucidate the function of a protein whose genetic variation is the most common genetic variation which increases our risk of obesity.

Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition (First Class Honours)

University of Westminster, London, UK

2006 - 2009

From the very start of my undergraduate studies, I sought to undertake relevant research experience, totalling 19 months of work in 4 different projects over the 3 years of studies.

I was rewarded for my academic excellence by 3 local and 1 national awards and graduated with First Class honours.

These accomplishments helped me to win a student laboratory experience grant from the British Society for Neuroendocrinology (~5,500 USD) for an 8-week summer project at the prestigious MRC National Institute for Medical Research.

During this time, I also set up a business of my own, whereby in 2008 I led a team of up to 9 workers providing services to 4 companies (including CNN).

Awards & Achievements


Naufahu J, Alzaid F, Fiuza Brito M, Doslikova B, et al. J Endocrinol 232(3):513-23.

Scientific Journal Publication

Contributed to the characterisation of the human physiology of a hormone (the melanin-concentrating hormone) which regulates appetite.


Burke L, Doslikova B, et al. Mol Metab 5(3):245-52.

Scientific Journal Publication

Contributed to the finding why it is easier for men then it is for women to lose weight: brain wiring differences!


Nominated for the Salje Medal

Clare Hall College, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

Awarded annually to the best PhD student in the Sciences whose completed PhD thesis and publications merit high commendation.


Luchtman DW, Chee MJS, Doslikova B, et al. PLOS ONE 10(10):e0139462.

Scientific Journal Publication

Contributed to answering the question "Why do some of us find it hard to lose excess weight while others remain lean even on calorically-rich diets?" which is that our brains are different in certain small but important ways.


Burke LK, Doslikova B, et al. Endocrinology 155(10):3732-8.

Scientific Journal Publication

Contributed to the finding that a class of (serotonin-based) drugs to treat obesity do not become less effective as we age, which is pertinent to our global aging and obese population.


Doslikova B, et al. J Neurosci 33(23):9800-4.

Scientific Journal Publication

Lead the investigation of two types of (serotonin-based) drugs to treat obesity finding out the mechanism by which their combination is synergistically more effective in appetite reduction than each one on their own, which is of therapeutic relevance to treating obesity.


MRC Centenary Award

Medical Research Council, UK

Awarded 25,000 GBP (~38,500 USD) in research funding aimed to support some of the best and brightest early career researchers and to accelerate their research and help their career development.


Top PhD Presentation Prize

Medical Research Laboratories Student Symposium, Cambridge, UK

Awarded for the best oral presentation of scientific findings.


Travel Bursary

Physiological Society, UK

~770 USD; awarded to selected students to fund travel to a scientific conference.


Travel Bursary

Dept. Pharmacology, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

~770 USD; awarded to selected students to fund travel to a scientific conference.


Travel Bursary

Clare Hall, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

~620 USD; awarded to selected students to fund travel to a scientific conference.


Microelectrode Microelectrode Techniques for Cell Physiology Workshop

Physiological Society, UK

Selected to participate in a competitive prestigious 2-week workshop.


Top PhD Poster Prize

Cambridge Neuroscience Seminar 2012, UK

Awarded for the best poster presentation of scientific findings.


Student Laboratory Experience Grant

Society for Neuroendocrinology, UK

~5,530 USD; awarded annually to selected students to help them gain research experience over the summer holiday period.


Undergraduate Achievement Award

Society for Neuroendocrinology, UK

~420 USD; for the highest scoring BSc project reports in the area of endocrinology.


Westminster Career Awards Progression Scholarship

University of Westminster, London, UK

Tuition fee coverage; awarded annually to selected students for overall high standard of performance and academic excellence.


Undergraduate Achievement Award

University of Westminster, London, UK

Tuition fee coverage; awarded annually to 8 students for overall high standard of performance and academic excellence.


Undergraduate Research Bursary

University of Westminster, London, UK

~690 USD; awarded to 11 students with the highest mark for the BSc project report to convert the project report into a published output.


  • I saved money from my graduate stipend to travel around the world. I pushed past my limits while hiking in Chilean Patagonia and learned about a different culture while living in a modest home of a descendant of a cannibal tribe in Fiji.
  • I devoted more than 8 years of my life to excelling at volleyball and as a captain I helped to lead my high school and university teams to several medals.
  • I spent 3 years volunteering in Czech nature reserves and helped Canadian women to learn how to code.